Make the Founders Pledge Now

Why you should make the Founders Pledge

“Full Circle Fund is the embodiment of how entrepreneurial efforts can systematically build ongoing mech­anisms through a network of support, creativity, and people working together to address key issues in the local community.”
Reid Hoffman, Founder at LinkedIn and Partner at Greylock

When you make the Founders Pledge and become part of Full Circle Fund’s exclusive network of business and community leaders, you won't just be advancing social change in the Bay Area — you and your team will realize significant benefits in the areas of:

Efficient and Effective

The Founders Pledge is a resourceful and seamless mechanism to integrate philanthropy into your company. Let us help you be a leader in establishing a culture of community and giving back in an efficient way.


Gain access to other founders and the broader Full Circle Fund network, which consists of a diverse range of CEOs and leaders in technology, financial services, legal, venture capital, policy, nonprofits and more.

Companies represented in the member network include Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Apple.

“Full Circle Fund works on systematic solutions, and I believe deeply in their model. With a successful track record of establishing and incubating organizations, they are like the Y Combinator of the philanthropic world. It’s an honor to be a supporter of this organization.”
Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Keep your employees happy and committed to your brand by enabling them to leverage expertise in improving their communities. Plug into innovative local events that serve as the best avenues for your company. We’ll work with you each step of the way, and your team will learn a lot while giving back meaningfully.

87% of global consumers believe corporations should place at least equal weight on business and society [CNN] — and 50% are willing to pay more for goods and services from com­panies that give back [Nielsen].

Build and Improve Your Brand

Integrate social change into your company’s DNA at its earliest stages of development; leverage the program to establish your brand as one that aligns itself with philanthropy and social change.

Community Change

Change your community in a direct way and make a statement by leveraging your time and resources for the greater good.

Become Part of a Global Movement

Founders Pledge is the San Francisco Bay Area Strategic Partner for Pledge 1%, an organization that provides information and inspiration for corporate philanthropy to a national and international audience. Companies that are part of the Founders Pledge community in the San Francisco Bay Area will have their commitment to social impact recognized on the Pledge 1% website, plugging them into this growing movement. Founders Pledge will continue to build our regional community of founders by developing educational programming, offering carefully curated volunteer opportunities, and providing a collaborative platform for innovative corporate citizenship. We are pleased to be the first regional strategic partner for Pledge 1%, and to support their work to provide resources to companies and individuals around the globe who want to make giving back a priority.

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